Exactly how easy is it to have an infant circumcised in Australia?

I think everyone should know what constitutes morality, ethics and 'Best Practice', in 2012, to politicians, bureaucrats and medical regulators in Australia.

  • My partner arranged to have our little boy circumcised by a N.S.W. registered doctor while I was away. She made the appointment by phone and had NEVER met this doctor before.

  • My partner attended the clinic on the 27th July 2010 with our then 6 week old little boy in her arms.

  • She was not asked to prove either her identify or that of the baby she handed over.

  • The doctor had no idea as to her history or the history of our little boy (beyond the 'blue book' completed at birth).

  • The consent form, which included the possible consequence of death, was required to be signed on the spot.

  • The consent of the other parent, me, was not required, asked for or mentioned in any way.

To politicians and the medical self regulators, this series of events presents no moral or ethical hazard whatsoever. This situation, to them, is world's best practice in 2012 and is an entirely reasonable way to perform irreversible, unnecessary surgery on an infant.

By contrast, how easy is it to change the name of a child in N.S.W.?

Common sense may cause you to think that, having seen how easy it is to perform permanent, unnecessary surgery on an infant, it would be a very simple exercise to change an infant's name. After all, a name can be changed back with the stroke of a pen at any time.

Well, that's not quite the way it is.

You see, the same bureaucrats that think doctors should be able to hack flesh off an infant in the most laissez-faire way imaginable, are of the view that the act of changing the same infant's name should be done with the care and consideration given to starting a nuclear war.

Here is the form that is required to change the name of an infant in N.S.W.

In case you skimmed over it, this is point 7 on page 1 (capitalisation is as used) :

7.  The consent of BOTH parents (recorded on the child’s birth certificate) is required to change a child’s name. 

So, to a bureaucrat in NSW you can do whatever you like, with little or no restriction, to your little boy's penis but if you want to change his name every conceivable control and safeguard is required.

Yes, I agree, it's as if some politicians and bureaucrats just like the idea of interfering with little boy's penis's.