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Julia Gillard
Delivered by hand to Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson
follow up

Craig Thompson
follow up

Craig Thompson
"these things take time...."

Craig Thompson
follow up - 6 months and counting

Nicola Roxon
10 months later - for what it is worth.

Julia Gillard. (former) Australian Prime Minister.

I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and hand delivered it to my local federal member, Mr Craig Thompson. I met with Mr Thompson on the 20th November 2010. I had waited some time for replies before; it is one of the main reasons this journey has taken so long.

Almost 10 months later I received a reply from the then Health Minister Ms Nicola Roxon. Ms Roxon's letter is, by any objective measure, appallingly inadequate. It dwells on the many and varied medical reasons that are touted as being remedied by circumcision. Regrettably, my letter dealt exclusively with non-medically indicated circumcision.

In fact, Ms Roxon's reply on behalf of the Prime Minister addressed so few of the issues raised in my letter to the Prime Minister that I judged it a complete waste of time replying to her. Perhaps that was her intent.

Ms Roxon is now the Federal Attorney General.

Ms Roxon is no longer anything.