NSW Attorney General

Little is know about the views of the NSW Attorney General.

Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, Mr David Clarke, wrote to me on behalf of the Premier, Barry O'Farrell but has simply ignored all subsequent requests by me for further explanation.

Similarly, Mr Greg Smith, NSW Attorney General, has yet to respond to any of the numerous letters that have been addressed or copied to him. Although letter writing etiquette perhaps doesn't demand replying to a letter to which you are copied, I remain surprised that a person occupying a position such as NSW Attorney General would elect to simply ignore letters on a topic such as this.

It seems that the NSW Attorney General is more than happy to leave the time-bomb of infant male circumcision to explode in the lap of the medical fraternity.

The only advice from the Attorney General's department relating to my lack of consent to my son's circumcision is that I should seek legal advice. How enlightening.

We can, however, gain an insight into the Attorney General's thinking. Attorney General Greg Smith administers the protocol for changing an infant's name in New South Wales. If you haven't seen the incredibly onerous procedure that a name change requires, you can have a look here.

For Greg Smith, changing an infant's name is an incredibly onerous act, one that requires a multitude of checks and the UNCONDITIONAL requirement that both parents consent.

In comparison, Greg Smith is of the view that circumcising the same infant should not be subject to any real controls at all - and not be conditional on both parent's consent.

I guess we can all draw our own conclusions about Greg Smith's predilections.

BREAKING NEWS!! On the 28th Feb 2012 I received a letter from the NSW Attorney Generals Department advising that "the matter you raise have been noted and are presently receiving attention". Oh my God! Action at last? (You can see the letter below).

On the 11th of April, nearly six weeks after that promise, I received a letter from the Attorney General himself.

I shouldn't have expected anything more than I was presented with. NOT ONE MENTION OF THE ISSUE OF MY CONSENT! See his full letter below.
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Mr Greg Smith and Mr David Clarke have also been copied most letters I have written.