NSW Health Department. Jillian Skinner.

I wrote to Ms Skinner asking her to offer comment on Ms Roxon's absurd reply to me. (you can read Ms Roxon's letter, which was written on behalf of the Prime Minister, HERE)

In broad terms Ms Skinner agreed with the stance taken by Ms Roxon, with the noteworthy exception that she at least acknowledged that Ms Roxon had completely ignored the question of my consent. At least that acknowledgement indicates, I suppose, that Ms Skinner took the time to read my letter.

The question, of course, is what right does the health fraternity, from the RACP to Ms Roxon to Ms Skinner and everyone in between, have to sanction a procedure on any basis other than that of the strictest scientific criteria?

Remember, no credible medical authority in the western world now sees any therapeutic or prophylactic value in infant circumcision without medical imperative.
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